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25. října 2010 v 20:13 | Lily
This is for my friend.. :)

Western - what crosses your mind?
Probably adventure and romance connected to the Wild West. While reading a cowboy story or watching western films, most of you are surely fascinated by the xowboys riding their horses, skilfully roping the castle, and their exact shooting.
Today, the western way of life has returned as a life style and has entered the world og sports as well. Our magazine offers you an opportunity to return to this time too.
Today, we want to introduce you to the youngest disciplone of western riding - reining.

Its origins come from the daily tasks of a ranch horse. Cowboys has to control cattle so they needed a guick horse that could change directions quickly, stop, turn round and sprint after a wandering cow. The horse was controlled by the cowboy´s legs and reins and wasridden with only one hand while the other hand was handling a rope, opening a gate or just waving a hat. Competitions among cowboys and pride in the perfomance of their horses developed into a sporting event.

Today´s reining is mainly about precision, skills, training and beauty. Is is often called a western form of dressage because it requires the horse to be responsive and "in tune" with its rider. The rider and his/her horse compete singly, and perfom the given patterns before a judge. Precision comes first. And what do they have to learn? Many difficult movemnts, such as pertoming in circles, going back at a straight line, 360-degree spins done in place or the most exting - the sliding stop. The horse, going at a gallop, has to stop by sliding its hind feet. The sliding line is about several metres long and covered up by clouds of dust. And this it the reason this movement is loved by spectators so much.
Reining is become more and more popular. It originaled in North America but soon spread to Australia and Europe. In 2002, it was included in the prestigious equestrian games. And we can alson be prous of Czech riders. The four-member Czech reining team has qualified and can now take part in the World Equestrian Games held in Kentucky, USA, in September 2010

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 Johana Johana | Web | 17. listopadu 2010 v 13:30 | Reagovat

pěkný blog...

2 Karča96 Karča96 | E-mail | Web | 23. listopadu 2010 v 14:37 | Reagovat

Omlouvám se ;) Tenkrát jsem psala, že jméno Lily Potterová neexistuje.To byl LoL!Kdo mohl vědět, že budou mít děti? :DDDD

3 Simix Simix | Web | 30. dubna 2011 v 15:13 | Reagovat

Máš nádherný web. Koukni ke mně. Prosím napiš komentářík a určo si i něco přečti a když ne hlavně hlasuj v anketě, děkuji. :) ;-)

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